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Caring for our members like family and always putting their needs first. Members will have personalized Care Coordination with our Registered Nurse and inpatient visits at Hoag to ensure full continuity of care.



RN, Health Care Manager

Caring for patients in the ICU at their most vulnerable moments and learning that I can have a direct impact on their recovery process has shaped the way I approach continuity of care needs today. From the onset of admission to a safe discharge home, being attuned to even the most minor health status changes can make a dramatic difference in a patient’s recovery process.

Fortunately, our high level of care keeps most of our patients out of the hospital, but for those who must be admitted, getting you home stronger and faster are our top priorities. Whether it’s connecting lab reports and images, coordinating needs with other care providers or reviewing diagnostic studies with Dr. J, you can rest assured that I am working diligently behind the scenes to get you on the path back towards good health.

And as a nurse, Florence Nightingale is one of my heroes.  She believed, as do I, that “apprehension, uncertainty, waiting, expectation, fear of surprise, do a patient more harm than any exertion.”


Best in

Class Providers

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Best in Class Providers

Utilizing our BEST IN CLASS approach to vetting service providers, we then negotiate MEMBERS ONLY CASH prices for services that might be out of pocket for YOU. Our High Deductible PPO and International members particularly like this service.

1. Laboratory Services – and you can have blood drawn in our office for FREE!

2. Diagnostic Services – mammogram, colonoscopy, and so much more!

3. Dental & Vision – we’ve taken the fear out of not having this type of insurance!

4. Physical & Occupational Therapy – we will get you to the one that specializes in your specific treatment needs.

5. Sleep Center – for diagnosis and treatment plans customized to your sleep issues.

Best in

Class Services

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Best in Class Services

In a category of services where the choices are overwhelming, we have again utilized our BEST IN CLASS approach to vetting service providers. We also require that our referral companies provide service the same way we do – concierge level customer service, 24/7, and always same day appointments when needed.

1. Home Health – For services prescribed by the doctor and covered by insurance, such as Physical Therapy, Wound Care Nurse visits, etc.

2. Home Care – For extra help at home with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and so much more.

3. Hospice & Palliative Care – For end of life discussion and services

4. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) – for home equipment to ensure safety and comfort while you are recovering (walkers, hospital beds, etc.)

5. Placement Service – If/When you decide that moving to an assisted living residence is right for you, finding the right residence with everything you need requires a professional well versed in this market.

6. Health Insurance & Medicare Brokers – whether it’s to change your current insurance or just ensure you get the most out of your current plan, having a good broker on your team is invaluable.

7. Personal Trainers – whether it’s a weight change program or simply a desire to be in better physical condition.

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a Referral?

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Do you need a referral?

We have fully developed Physician and non-Physician networks to provide any type of health care services our patients require.

• All providers have been fully vetted by the doctor for clinical expertise and by our staff for high quality customer service levels.

• Our staff makes the first appointment for you to ensure quick access to best in class providers. And, our staff can then ensure your pertinent health records get to the referral office before you do.

• Our staff also checks the referral against your insurance to ensure that the provider is in network so we can maximize your health insurance benefits.

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