Dr. Dennis Jordanides is the most caring, patient, and efficient doctor I have ever met. He takes the time to get to know his patients and get down to the root cause of illness. He is exceptional. And his staff is not only professional, but caring and attentive. Collectively, they have made significant improvements in my health and coached me on a better lifestyle. I could not recommend them highly enough.
Dr. Jordanides is one of the finest physicians in the Newport Beach Area. He is kind, pleasant, caring and is one of a kind . Dr. Jordanides is brilliant. He listens he finds solutions and goes the extra mile to find out how to treat you medically. He has the ability to research any subject that will help find the solution for your care. The staff reflects his way of treating patients, simply outstanding and you will always be treated with care. I have many Doctors and there are only 2 that I would write about and give my feedback he is an outstanding Physician. Dr Jordanides has been our Physician for 7 or more years and we are so grateful to his dedication and care for my husband and I. Dr Jordanides is very confident with fantastic follow up. I would recommend him to anyone with great pleasure. We live 120 Miles away and Dr J , calls me ,and talks to me and walks me through my problem and ,I can tell you there is no better feeling than having the comfort our your Dr calling you back asap.
Dr. Jordanides and his staff have been providing personal health care for me and my wife for over five (5) years. We recently enrolled in his “concierge program” (IM365 Practice) and we believe the extra cost for this program is well worth the additional personal attention and care that we now receive. His practice is deeply connected to the Hoag Memorial Hospital community which provides us with the best health care possible in our area. His staff is attentive, responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. We would highly recommend Dr. J’s concierge program to anyone who is interested in getting the best possible care affiliated with the best local hospital in Orange County.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Dennis Jordanides. He is a doctor that is highly committed to his patients and truly cares. Prompt follows up on health care issues by phone or personal portal is standard procedure. I feel confident that my health is being taken care of at a very high level. Yes, I can most certainly recommend Dr. Jordanides and his staff for their extraordinary and caring management of my health.
Dr. Jordanides and his staff have provided me with excellent care. In addition to seeing me for urgent appointments when I have had an injury or illness, Dr. Jordanides helps me review labs, and test results from my other physicians. He is very easy to talk too and spends the time needed to explore options for my care. I can always communicate with Dr. Jordanides, either by phone, email, or Patient Portal. His care has been a “game changer” for me.
We have enjoyed being patients of Dr. Jordanides for more than 7 years. He is not only an extremely smart, cutting edge doctor, but is caring, patient and highly responsive to our needs. We can always count on Dr. J and his wonderful staff to help us with any medical issues or questions that arise. Thank you for helping us live happier, healthier lives!
Dennis and Teresa
Being part of Dr. J’s IM365 practice has been extremely beneficial for us. Dr. J was instrumental in insuring that our wedding and honeymoon came off as scheduled. I was unexpectedly hospitalized 3 days prior to our wedding. Dr. J coordinated the testing, treatment and other physicians on Friday (and Saturday) that enabled me to be discharged in time to fly out of town for our wedding on Sunday. He intervened when the hospital staff doctors were not organized or communicating with me. Because of Dr. J I felt that I always knew what was coming next and his ability to use his resources is what made the difference. Dr. J is always available via email, text or personal phone and now coordinates my healthcare with all doctors. My healthcare requires a number of different physicians and Dr. is the one that keeps my healthcare organized. That’s the reason we are part of his practice.
Ann and Richard
Dr. Dennis Jordanides is a combination of the old time town family doctor plus a cutting edge physician with current state of the art medical technology. It is both comforting and reassuring to be under their 24/7 watch and access. During the past year, we have experienced their personalized approach, state of the art excellence, timeliness and compassion. We feel that they truly care about safeguarding our health and wellness. What a blessing to enjoy such a mutually beneficial and caring patient-doctor relationship. The Doctor and his team have become extended family to us.
Philip and Gertrude
The health system is getting too complex and quite frankly finding and getting the undivided attention of the right specialist is almost impossible in a world where they must see 40 patients a day to earn a living. Dr. Jordanides came highly recommended to me and I decided to sign up for his “concierge” approach to managing one’s health. At 55 years old it was time to be proactive about my health. Instead of spending a day getting a physical/spa day at one of the advertised executive physical programs. Doctor Jordanides did my physical in his office. Stress test, urine, blood and detailed exam took two hours, not all day. Unfortunately, Dr. Jordanides uncovered a real health threat. I ended up needing a couple biopsies and other tests. Needed to see two specialist and required multiple visits. Dr. Jordanides managed the whole process. I got priority treatment, almost immediate appointments with specialist and lots of guidance and counseling to help me understand what was going on. I was in the system for 120 days. The good news is all is good and I could not imagine managing all of this without Dr. Jordanides. He was truly outstanding. I have since called for appointments for minor issues and for prescriptions. Over 50% of the time I am able to get in to see him within a few hours of the call. At worst we exchange emails and or a phone call within a few hours. There is no other way to manage one’s health in today’s world of medicine. Dr. Jordanides is doing it right! I feel very fortunate to have found him.
I’m a fairly new patient with Dr. Jordanides but the value that I have seen in the short time is immeasurable! I lead a very busy life, working full time and often having to travel out of the area for work, I can’t always guarantee where I will end up at a given time. Being able to call or text Dr. J directly saves me from having to go to an Urgent Care or clinic when I’m out traveling. And when I am back in town, being able to get in within a day or two is like nothing I’ve ever been able to do with my previous doctors! I’m convinced that he will be my doctor for life!
I’m really fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Jordanides.’ Dr. J is truly passionate about his patients and helping them get better. It helps knowing that at any time – if I need anything regarding my medical care – Dr. J is available and willing to help. In fact, his entire staff is amazing and if there’s anything I need, they are on top of it. It makes such a big difference and gives me such peace of mind knowing that Dr. J is on my side and advocating for my care. Having Dr. J on my team during all my emergency situations and hospitalizations has been a lifesaver. All I need to do is call, email, or text, and Dr. J is ready to address any concerns that I may have. I am so grateful that I don’t have to decipher the maze of medical care on my own anymore. And, that Dr. J, my other providers, and I could work together as a team. I couldn’t ask for anything more from my medical doctor. Thanks, Dr. J!