Giselle Jordanides, R.N. – Health Care Coordinator

Caring for patients in the ICU at their most vulnerable moments and learning that I can have a direct impact on their recovery process has shaped the way I approach continuity of care needs today. From the onset of admission to a safe discharge home, being attuned to even the most minor health status changes can make a dramatic difference in a patient’s recovery process.

Fortunately, our high level of care keeps most of our patients out of the hospital, but for those who must be admitted, getting you home stronger and faster are our top priorities. Whether it’s connecting lab reports and images, coordinating needs with other care providers or reviewing diagnostic studies with Dr. J, you can rest assured that I am working diligently behind the scenes to get you on the path back towards good health.

Brandon – Practice Administrator

I am an aspiring physician who is currently interning with Dr. Jordanides. I graduated with my B.S. in Biology from the University of California, Riverside and will hopefully transition into medical school shortly. My passion for medicine came after I was hospitalized for a cervical spine injury when I was 16 that led to a two year recovery in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. During this time, I witnessed many people who struggled in the healthcare system, and the doctors, nurses, and therapist that helped them through their trying times. It is from the memories of my injury that I draw my inspiration to care for others the way I was cared for. My experience as a patient gives me a unique perspective and allows me to connect with our patients on a deeper level. I look forward to meeting any challenges you face head on and using my understanding to better care for you.

Janielle – Patient Care Coordinator

I am a certified medical assistant with over seven years of experience in the medical field working with physicians and providing patient care. Ever since I was young, I had a passion for caring for others. This drove me to a career in medicine where caring for others is a must. I started my career working for a cardiologist assisting in procedures and providing care instructions. Seeing the patients improve after these procedures gave me a great sense of joy and fulfillment. During my time there, I felt a key part of my role was to take the sterile world of medicine and translating it into a more personable experience. As Patient Care Coordinator, I hope to use my experience to better care for our patients. It takes a team to provide superb care, and working closely with Dr. Jordanides I provide the communication that is critical for patients. Whether it is scheduling your appointment, or correcting an insurance issue, I hope to make your experience here at our office an easy and enjoyable one.

Shiella – Back Office Lead

Having over ten years of traditional and concierge medical practice experience I have become very familiar with the demands of concierge medicine. I have always had a passion for working within the medical field and assisting others in need. Through my educational background as a Certified Medical Assistant and work experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge. I am well versed in both the clinical and administrative aspects of the medical industry. This in turn, allows me to offer the utmost care for all our patients. My goal is to work closely with Dr. Jordanides and the rest of the team to provide the highest level of care for every individual. The most rewarding part of all is being able to help a patient improve their quality of health. I have always strived to make a visit to the doctor’s office a positive and pleasant experience for each patient. I look forward to working with you and helping you get healthy.