Here at IM365 Health, we provide the following services

Same day appointments

Get seen when you need to be seen with no delay.

In-office blood draws

Convenient for our busy members who do not have time to waste sitting at a lab.

In-hospital visits

Have your personal doctor advocating for your needs in-person if you are ever hospitalized.

Extended appointment times

So you have plenty of time to address all of your concerns.

Personal Cell Phone

For any health-related issues on the weekend or after hours. No more waiting until Monday to get a prescription.

Proactive Health Management

Your journey through the complex healthcare system can be a daunting task. Allow us to be the ‘insiders’ with the knowledge to get you the care you need.

Universal Health Profile

Your complete health record that includes any records that you have with specialists secured electronically and easily accessible via my HIPAA certified patient portal.