Collaborating directly with you to achieve your unique health care goals. Members will have expedited referrals to our network of best in class specialists, secure online access to their medical records, and a one-on-one relationship with Dr. Jordanides.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is designed to give patients an alternative to standard practices and more control in the healthcare process.

The concierge model brings the practice of medicine back to the physician and patient. It is no longer about finishing the appointment in less than 10 minutes or writing prescriptions based upon a few symptoms. This model also allows the doctor to spend much more time with each patient, gain meaningful, rich family history, and make diagnosis and treatment of any health issues infinitely more accurate.

The practice size is limited so that the physician can offer a more personalized care experience for every patient and an assortment of additional benefits. In exchange for this, the patient agrees to become a member of the practice.

The limited practice size allows for many other enhancements to the care provided –little to no waiting for your appointment and much more of the care can be provided electronically because the physician knows you and your health much better.

The most common misconception about concierge medicine is that insurance is not accepted. Each concierge practice is designed differently, so it’s important to ask your concierge practice manager how they handle insurance and the cost of office visits.

It is also important to know how they handle referrals outside of the concierge practice. Do they help you with the first appointment? Do they match the referral to your insurance to maximize your insurance benefits? And do they send your records ahead to the specialist office so that your appointment can be the most productive possible?

IM365 Program

  1. Same Day Appointments – We are able to get you in when you need to be seen.
  2. 60 Minute Appointments – So you have plenty of time to address all of your concerns.
  3. My Personal Cell – For any health-related issues on the weekend or after hours. No more waiting until Monday to get a prescription.
  4. Home Visits – With IM365 Health’s WELLth program I am able to come to your home if you are unable to make it to my office.
  5. Proprietary Referral Network – After many years as a healthcare professional in Newport Beach, I have developed deep connections with the area’s top specialists. My office is able to get you expedited appointments with these best-in-class specialists.
  6. Comprehensive Health Profile – Each IM365 member has a complete health record that continues to develop as you stay with my practice. Any records that you have with other specialists are collected and stored in our secure electronic medical record. Your entire health history is at my fingertips for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  7. Care Coordination and Strategic Navigation – Your journey through the complex health care system can be a daunting task. Allow me and my team to be the ‘insiders’ with the knowledge to get you the care you need. This includes inpatient visits by me if you are hospitalized at Hoag, specialist appointment scheduling, medical transport, mobile phlebotomy, and so much more.
  8. Patient Portal – Easy access to your electronic medical record whenever and wherever you want via my HIPAA certified, highly secure patient portal.
  9. In-Office Lab Draws – Convenient for our busy members who do not have time to waste sitting at a lab.
  10. Pre-Negotiated Cash Prices – Particularly helpful for members with high-deductibles or restrictive networks (such as Covered California), as well as for our international members.

Become a Member

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